Classic Minimalism

When it comes to summer, my wardrobe is simply filled with basics. No longer do I attempt to be a coachella, boho princess and wear crazy hippy pieces. Now, I only can wear airy and minimal pieces that looks polished while keeping me cool. 
 It's Sunday as I'm writing this post and it has been such a lazy, restful but much needed day. I can actually say I did nothing! Well, technically that's a lie... 1) I listened to a great sermon about women empowerment. 2) Hung out with a new roommate Nina. 3) Did some much needed self reflection. 
Sundays are always my rejuvenation days where I'll journal and visualize having a great week! Every moment of life is so precious and I will purposely live it in a positive manor. Practicing gratitude and self love have been a priority to me, which has been making me extremely happy.
Everything: H&M | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

I'm going to film a Happy Monday video tomorrow about confidence so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to check it out! Let me know what you all think. 

xoxo, Debby

P.S. My fashion blogger friend and now roommate, Miss Abby Lemon took these awesome pictures of me a little while back. She's got a great vintage style and her blog does a great job show casing it. She's been an awesome support and I'm so grateful for her.

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