Get To Know the Real Me

When I'm reading other blogs, I always wonder who exactly is the person behind the beautiful clothes and picture. So, I thought it would be a good idea for you to get to know me. 
1. I'm a junior in college 2. I will only eat chocolate as a dessert 3. I am a reserved person 4. I am a believer of God 5. I'm not a "home body" 6. I love to explore 7. I am extremely determined only about things I actually care about 8. Weather can affect my mood 9. I love trying out new restaurants 10. I work for AllSaints 
 11. I can write better than I can speak 12. I thoroughly enjoy watching YouTube more than TV 13. I have very few friends 14. I wear boots year round 15. I used to struggle with severe low self-esteem issues 16. I really taking pictures 17. I can be a lazy bum sometimes 18. I truly believe that I will accomplish my dreams in my lifetime 19. I have an obsession with my laptop 20. I'm currently single 
21. I will be 21 in 7 months 22. My birthday is on the 22th of February 23. I'm still on this journey of self discovery 24. My family is extremely important to me 25. I am in a rut with my wardrobe 26. I have a gift of getting along with almost everyone I meet 27. I am still learning how to cook since I live on my own now 28. I believe in the Law of Attraction 29. I have a short afro 30. I want to live abroad for a year and learn its language through natives

Disclaimer: I will not apologize for being me. As you'll discover, I'm a very weird, crazy, loud, passionate, strong, smart, and sensitive person. I'm not being cocky or anything of that matter but just saying accept me, for me!

xoxo, Debby

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