Starting My Natural Hair Journey

Well, natural hair bloggers don't call it the "big chop" for nothing! I am extremely pleased with my curls and I'm enjoying every stage of it. I'm in love with my teenie weenie afro, also know as twa. 
It's short, sassy, and a little sexy! But I didn't initially feel this way. 
pixie cut phase
 I started off with a pixie cut because I was afraid of looking like...well, how I look now! I was terrified of people assuming I looked like a boy. Then I finally realized that at the end of the day...I know exactly what gender I am. It's frustrating to know that some people still stereotype women to have long hair. There are tons of women who have short hair and look absolutely breath taking. Um, hello!? What about Lupita Nyong'o!
When I remembered why I started, I became so much more confident with my twa! The more confident I became the more others around me started to love and accept it. Just remember not everyone will approve of everything you do but as long as you are happy that's all that matters!

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