Earthly Adventures

My beautiful friend Praew offered to take my blog photos for me last week and of course I said yes! She's been a huge support for me and my blog ever since we've been friends.  
Hat: H&M | Dress: UO | Shoes: UO

I was craving an adventure. My fondest memories consist of my feet being deeply rooted in sand or stretching after climbing a tall mountain. So, we didn't plan anything and had a lovely time while being able to snap a few shots. 

I've talked about this before. Seattle has brought out the nature enthusiast in me. There's nothing more calm, fun, and relaxing to me than centering myself by going on a long walk, rain or shine. If you've read my last post, you know why spending time in nature is so good for you. Did you take the nature challenge?

xoxo, Debby

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