Goodbye, Summer!

I was looking at my planner earlier this morning and was confused while there weren't any more days left in August. It's definitely time for sweet September and I'm ready for it! 
 As I am entering into my third year of college, I'm thrilled for school to begin. I cannot wait to interact with my professors, counselors, the club staff members, and my fellow classmates! (Warning, this feeling may change once I see my work load but for now I'm excited.) 
 Everything: H&M | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters 
 I know most students dread heading back to school but there is so much to appreciate about attending school in America. Granted, we may hate strongly dislike the mean girls, jocks, or rude teachers but learning is such a valuable privilege. 
Are you guys heading back to school or work? If so, how are you feeling about it?

xoxo, Debby

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