Happy Monday! 4 Steps to Stop Worrying

Often, I find myself sitting upright in my bed with my shoulders and back feeling very tense because I am worried about a certain situation. Whether its assignments, work, the blog and YouTube, or making time for friends and family; I always find myself worrying.

How often do you find yourself worrying about situation that, in the end turns out fine?

We all are guilty of this. And usually, things really do end up being fine! Here are some tips to stop worrying.

1. Determine what is worrying you.
When you identify the things that are causing you anxiety and stress then you can handle each issue accordingly. By picking one problem at a time, you will put your mind at ease that one thing is crossed off your list. Distinguishing which worry you can fix and something that is simply out of your control will help elevate pressures. 
2. Accept that fact that you're worried.
Every time that I feel worried, I frustrate myself even more by feeling crazy for worrying. I'm slowly learning that my feelings are valid and ok. After you have calmed yourself down, understand that it worrying is an emotions. Emotions and feelings pass constantly and you will not be worried forever
3. Create a plan of action.
If the situation you are worried about can be fix, then fix it! Do not procrastinate on the issue and become even more worried. Address the problem now and to prevent further stresses down the rode. If you are struggling with assignments are always running late. Plan and stick to a schedule to prevent you from worrying.
4. Move on from it.
After you have done all that you can do, move on. Let it go. If you dwell on something you didn't fix you are not helping yourself either way. Remember, not everything will turn out the way you expect but you can get through it.

xoxo, Debby


  1. What a beautiful post and it's what I needed to read ;) lovely!

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  2. Great advice, we all worry, and sometimes it's so hard to keep things in perspective! Just gotta do what we can, and move on!

    1. Thank you and we definitely need to remember the part about moving on!

  3. Heel herkenbaar! Ik heb dit ook zo vaak!