My Hair Care Products

 I've gotten so many questions on my instagram whenever I post a hair selfie about the products I use in my hair. So, the time has finally come and I am no longer procrastinating the most important part of my natural hair series post of what I use in my hair.

 I've been a little obsessed with using heat protectant before stretching out my hair. I think that this truly works in protecting my curl pattern. I spray this product thoroughly throughout my hair and especially on my ends. Then I blow dry my roots to give length and volume! This is an extremely affordable and great quality product that every straight, curly, or wavy hair girl should own.

I hated this product at first. But I finally found the perfect way to use it. This also is amazing at elongating my curls as well! It smells great and is a phenomenal moisturizer for my dry hair.
I should just own stock in the Eco Styler company. I literally cannot style my hair without this. If you want prime definition without crunch or flakes...get this! 
I was holding this product in the hair care aisle at Target when a beautiful girl with a curly afro came up to me and told me to try it. This stuff is expensive but amazing! It's a great moisturizer and is extremely light weight. I also love how I can use a very small amount and curls feel so hydrated. Definitely worth it. 
Once again, I hated this the first time I used it. It didn't lather so I thought it wasn't working. To my surprise, it actually works great on my curly hair! It feels extremely clean without the harsh feeling of my natural oils being stripped. 

What products do you use in your hair?

xoxo, Debby

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