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There are some hard days throughout the week, where I find myself sprinting to my apartment door just to do a full-frontal flop down on my bed. Exhaustion can't sum up the feelings. If you're like me and work on Friday or Saturday, this can be your Sunday ritual. 
1. Create A Calm Environment
Fresh scents and aromas can really boost endorphins in our body but can also relieve tension in our minds. Our minds can stop racing when our other senses are catered to. Having a warm room always helps my muscles relax and feel more at ease. Free yourself from all technology for 30 minutes or more and just sit in your space.
 2. Indulge with your favorite tea
Grab your favorite mug ( I love my Wicked one from Value Village) and tea. We all know that Tea has great health benefits. But it also requires you to drink it slowly. So, enjoy the present moment and be with every sip of your drink. Notice flavors that you hadn't before and simply breathe!
3. Journal or if you must...plan
Writing is a therapeutic way to heal from an intense week. Journaling about your feelings can allow clarity to ease through messy situations. Or if you must...plan for the following week. If you had a rough start to your week, planning may be a great way to ensure a better start for a Happy Monday!
4. Sit and be still
This may be the hardest step for some, and I know that it can be difficult for me especially when I've had a hectic couple of days. But being still and taking long breaths are good for you. Try and be still or treat yourself to a nap. Sleep is also a great way to gain clarity and you will be refreshed to start again next week! 
Feeling the soft knit sweater, gazing across a clean room, inhaling the scent of a lavender candle, basking in silence, and quenching our thirst with water or tea. Remember, life will inevitably have both irreplaceable and dreadful moments. But taking the time to calm yourself and cherish little moments can help feel better about the week!

 xoxo, Debby

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