Photos I NEVER Posted!

We all have those photos that were never good enough to fit our Instagram themes but we can't bear to send them to the trash folder. That's exactly how I feel about the photos I will be sharing with you today.
1. Obsessed with this draped top from Forever 21. Unfortunately, it's an oldie so it's not online anymore!

 2. After I took my braids out the first time. I had them in for exactly 1 month! 
 3. Hanging out with my one of my oldest friends, Kee! #est2006
4. Me with my one of my dearest friends, Mikaela. 
 5. Also, these harem pants are e v e r y t h i n g. I can't live without them and will always purchase a pair. You can get them from H&M!
 6. My first alcoholic drink on my 21st birthday on February 22nd, 2015!

 Majority of the time I post these photos to tumblr, but I thought I'd share them on here!

This will become a new series on my blog so you guys can just get to know me a little better! My mind is filled with to-do lists and assignments; so I am unable to think of a title for this series. If you have any ideas please leave them below or tweet me! I'd love to follow you.

xoxo, Debby

P.S. Do you have photos on your phone that you can't delete and never posted to social media?

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  1. I have TONS of photos I can upload into social media!!! But I can delete them, there are some memories which are better to keep to ourselves.
    I am absolutely obsess with your braids, I wish I could rock them like you.

    Much much love, N.