Catch Up With DebbyBooVlogs!

Writing and blogging will always be my first love. But I've been exploring other mediums that I really spark my creativity and drive to expand DebbyBooVlogs. 

Here you can see me apply the makeup look that was worn in this blog post! I love watching these videos because they are more organic than tutorials but you can still learn new beauty tips!

For all my fashion enthusiasts, you can see which items I picked up during Spring Break! Spoiler Alert: I went a little crazy at H&M and Aritzia! 

YouTube has always intrigued me and I actually taught myself how to use graphic design, plus video editing applications. I love being able to sit in front of a camera and interact with my Boo's! My blog only captures specific moments in photos but YouTube allows me to show you my personality in a different way.

xoxo, Debby

P.S. Did you like my beauty or fashion video? Do you have a blog and make videos? 

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