Finally Wearing Color!

As someone who wears all black 90% of the time, I was excited to challenge myself to add color into my wardrobe. I absolutely loved this outfit and received a lot of complements. 

 Sweater: Thritfted | Pants: Zara | Lips: Sephora

The silver exposed zipper on the butt pockets and down the center look incredible. It really makes these Zara coated pants unique, so I had to snag them even though they are too big in the waist. 
Also, I've been obsessed with my braids. I've never experimented with such small and long styled braids before. But they look way more natural than chunkier style braids.
It's definitely time that I get them redone but I love them! I'm afraid to go to a different salon/try another hair stylist because these were just so perfect

xoxo, Debby

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