Happy Monday! [009]

Everyone goes through a time where it seems that the only solution is to quit. I used to be a professional starter and stopper. But the question that changed my mindset was: Can you put unfinished things on your resumé and list of personal accomplishments? It really put in perspective that its important to finish things not only to gain an impressive resume; but to grow a determined spirit. 

Did you know: JK Rowling sent her Harry Potter Book to over 12 publishers and got denied every time? Isn't that insane! She's one of the world's most wealthiest authors in the entire world! Consistency and persistency are essential ingredients in the recipe for success. Always, remember that all of your dreams are valid and possible to achieve as long as you keep trying again, and again. 

I'm using my determination to finish strong this Winter quarter as I enter into finals. I want great grades but I'm really hoping to understand the material and gain something other than a 4.0 gpa. There's more to life than beauty, fame, and money. Life is has substance and is filled with irreplaceable experiences, lessons, and memories! I hope this post inspired you. Let me know your thoughts down below.

P.S. When was a time where you wanted to give up but tried again?

xoxo, Debby

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