Wearable 90's Makeup

 If you're a beauty enthusiast like I am then you must know that the 90's fashion trend has blended its way down into the makeup world. I love how women (and men) of all skin tones are using shades of brown. I loved the natural and neutral look that everyone has been rocking so much that I decided to try it out. Also, This means that brands have started implementing more brown lip shades, which benefits women of deeper complexions! Yay for a wider range of browns and nudes for all beauty lovers!
If you've been a reader of mine before the relaunch of this blog, you know that I've been thrilled with the minimalism trend. Anything that is comfortable, easy, and efficient are styles and techniques I will always incorporate into my everyday routine. Want to how I got this look? Watch my short 90's Makeup Tutorial or tweet me if you're curious what shade I am in the products show above.

P.S. Are you loving or hating the 90's beauty trends?

xoxo, Debby

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