THE LUST LIST ft. MooreaSeal

If you don't know who Moorea Seal (old blog here) is then you haven't been blogging long enough. She's definitely an OG in the blogging world! Anyways, she's much more than a blogger turned business owner. Read more about her and Seattle shop here.

I think its obvious how much I love hats. I lost my beautiful black one from h&m but I think I want to explore colorful, structured wool hats. This gorgeous olive one is next on my hit list. 
 I'm on the hunt for the perfect bag for school and work so I don't have to carry my backpack. I want to try looking more like an adult instead of a disheveled child getting on the bus. To be honest, my hershel backpack just ruins my beautiful outfit. I'm stuck between black and the brown one. 
How stunning is this bag? I love how it's not too orange and not too red. It's the perfect brown color. And this bad boy is on sale. I may have to get this one for spring!

 List are apart of my daily routine. I make "to-do" lists, "to purchase" list, and "goal lists". If you're a notetaker like me or just love writing down list, this looks perfect for us.

xoxo, Debby

P.S. Which items were your favorite? Have you shopped with Mooreaseal before?

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  1. I like hat a lot- from bags I choose the second one- really chic and timeless!
    Happy Easter!