The Classic Series: The White Tee

 In the season of crop tops and flow tops, it can seem as though you are on a man hunt to find the perfect basic, white t-shirt. Don't worry, you can put down that top you're settling for because I found the perfect tee for you.

I found this perfect one from H&M while hunting for new key wardrobe staples. I was literally running around the store trying to find another one because I couldn't believe it's incredible quality! It feels silky, light, and sexy. 

When I'm shopping for the basic white tee, it must have three essential elements: comfortability, flattering arm length, and non-clinginess. You won't even believe the price either, see link above

xoxo, Debby

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  1. Love H&M for their basics always great quality and price. I go by the same elements when looking for a basic tee.


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