Same Steps Different Person

Hindsight and perspective are essential in our personal growth. Have you ever looked back at a photo of you ranging from 1-3 years and seeing a difference? We instantly may notice physical changes in our hairstyles, dress, and body. However, when I looked at these photos I immediately see my personal growth. The first photo was taken in February of 2014. I had just gotten out of a awful relationship, cut my hair off, and started a new job at AllSaints. 
These photos were taken a few days ago. Obviously, my hair has grown a lot from that pixie cut and my makeup skills have definitely improved. But I'm significantly happier, more motivated, and have a strong faith foundation. Also, for those who are curious about this coat. I'll give you more details about this Teddy Coat trend tomorrow on the blog!

How have you grown within the past year?

xoxo, Debby


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