#TransparencyTales: A New Beginning

On June 1st, 2015 I launched a #Transparency campaign. I want to be vulnerable with you and walk along side you through this life-long journey of self-acceptance and self-love. If you are interested in learning why I am shifting my blog to fashion & spirituality, click here

#TransparencyTales are daring stories of vulnerability shared openly on this platform. My hope is for all of us to find the strength to endure life's frightening and inevitable experiences of pain with resilience.

Our stories are vital to building relationships and destroying hatred of oneself and others. I firmly believe that honesty, forgiveness, and understanding are aspects that can rebuild broken relationships. But this journey starts with a risk: making time to evaluate the condition of our souls.

This journey will be difficult, intimidating, and terrifying. I will be the first to gradually share my story through fashion and learning about spirituality. However, I can not cultivate change in societies' perspective of vulnerability to build relationships on my own. 

I want to hear your soul's story. If you feel called to get involved or simply want to share your story, please contact me here. I'd love to meet the real you.

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xoxo, Debby



  1. This is a great idea, can't wait to hear more from this project!


    Prey On Fashion

    1. Thanks babes!
      I'm super excited, as well.