A Seattle Brunch: Eve in Fremont

I was roaming around Fremont and saw this beautiful new restaurant. I slowed down and walked passed the window entranced by the black, white, and green theme that they had going on. If you live in Seattle and venture through local business, you would know what I mean when I say it's has that darling "Seattle charm."

I couldn't stop staring at this mirror and would love to DIY this for my apartment

A little iPhone snippet.

Lola ordered Bacon and Egg Tartine with a Ginger Ale

I ordered potatoes, sausage, and eggs sunny side up. I had to try one of their pressed juices. They were out of green so I got the carrot-orange drink. Side-note: those may have been the best potatoes I've ever tasted in my life. 

 Reagan, our waitress, told us that the majority of their decoration has come from local vintage stores. Eve supports local farmers by buying from the Ballard and Fremont markets.

 The hanging lights add so much dimension throughout the space. I was seriously in awe. 

Eve definitely has a thing for glass, gold, and green. 

 Our receipts came in these vintage books.

Meet the beautiful Lola and check out her Instagram

A brief overview of Eve in Fremont: Seattle, WA. 

When I first got my plate, I was worried that I would have to send it back to the chief. I silently spent a minute observing what those brown, cracked lungs were. Well, those "fingerling" potatoes have made this picky eater excited to try new things. After the first bite, I cut each one in fourths to savior it. Also, the eggs and sausages did not disappoint. To be honest, I thought it would taste like Denny's eggs but you can tell they use fresh produce from the market. 

I even snagged a bite of Lola's Tartine: mainly the salad portion and I surprised myself that I went back for another fork filled and she gave me the "I-know-we're-in-public-so-I-won't-yell-but-stop-eating-my-food" glare. I then sacrificed my precious fingerling for one more taste. It was worth it.

If you know me, green juice is my jam. When I'm home in Los Angeles, I will pack my $200 (which is now broken, thanks Dad) blender with two full handfuls of spinach, one cucumber, half a stalk of celery, one apple, and about ten grapes. That's just one of my favorite recipes.

So, you can imagine my reaction when they told me they were out of green juice. I mean, did they expect me to be that adventurous trying a new flavor without the security of my already pushed comfort zone of drinking my veggies? Well, I did and that orange pressed juice beat my expectations. I loved it. If you're looking for a juice more on the sweeter side, try that one!

Even though they were confused why I kept pulling out my Canon DSLR, the host and our waitress held smiles on their faces as they efficiently brought out drinks, food, and check served us. Reagan even brought us a poem that inspired the owners, Debra Russel and Jill Buchanan to make their dreams a reality. I'm thoroughly impressed with this stylish and wholesome establishment. I highly recommend going, in fact, invite me if you decide to go so I can try the entire menu.

What are your favorite places to brunch?

xoxo, Debby


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