Hello, Again!

Normally, I'd save the long story about why I haven't blogged in what feels like lightyears. But an explanation is necessary. I dislike just diving back into some fashion and spiritual inspiration posts. 

 These are a few of my graduation pictures, hence the dress that is far out of my androgynous comfort zone. For those of you who don't know, I've officially graduated from Seattle Pacific University. For some reason, I still believe I'll be going back to school in late September. I guess it won't feel real until they mail me my diploma.

Dress: AllSaints | Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Also, I'm in the process of job hunting and deciding where I want to live. A lot of the advice I received is to "go wherever the job is" or "take the job that pays you more, you won't regret it." Although it's good advice, my environment can really affect my mood. I'm trying to stay on the West Coast but I'm hoping to move to a different environment. 

It feels like I've been pushed into adulthood. It's true what they say about stop wanting to rush to grow up. Now, I'm more intentional about being present and creating lasting memories with genuine individuals. I'm proud that I don't allow nearly the same things to get me down. I can't believe I made it to this point in my life. I truly couldn't do this without God.


xoxo, Debby

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